We move dirt. Big dirt.


We clear land, protect the wetlands, and shape the earth. We build the infrastructure for public schools and private subdivisions so that rainwater doesn’t puddle at your feet. We lay sewer lines and bring water to new places. We grade roads, haul stone and dirt with dump trucks, and mix powdered cement with the soil. We pour concrete sidewalks for your children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We like to tear down things that are old (but not historical) to make way for new things.

But more than anything, we love to play with big equipment in a really big sandbox.


Founded by Joey Coogler Jr. in 1994, Coogler Construction is one of the most respected civil construction contracting firms in South Carolina.


We employ approximately 100 equipment operators, truck drivers, and skilled laborers year-round with an average revenue of 19 million per year. Our recent projects include Dutch Fork High School, Chapin Middle School, Williams Brice Stadium, USC Track, Saluda Shoals Park East, Epting’s Camp Park, and Chapin Technology Park Phase 1.